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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Special Gift Ideas For A Style Conscious Man

Are you in need of a few thoughtful gift ideas for that special man in your life? Whether the gift is for your husband, father, brother, boyfriend, or grandfather, these items are something any style conscious man can appreciate.

Cufflinks - Cufflinks are the absolute gentlemen's accessory. They provide a subtle and classy way to add personality to a man's wardrobe. They are meant to uniquely stand out and reflect one's individuality. The more original and distinctive, the better.

Socks - A colorful pair of printed socks are another trendy way to add personality to a man's attire. Quality socks are the perfect type of small luxury item a man can appreciate, yet may not splurge on for himself. Daring socks provide another outlet for personal expression. With this gift, the men in your life will have no choice but to jump feet first into style.

Pocket Square - Pocket squares are on trend and in demand this winter! It's a small accessory that defines a man's style and gives his outfit a boost. There are no steadfast rules to wearing a pocket square, be as flamboyant or modest as you'd like with the print and fabric. There are about as many ways to fold a pocket square as there are to tie a tie, providing yet another way for a man to add his own touch to his personal style.

For additional gift giving ideas for the men in your life, contact Jiwani Custom Clothiers. They have locations in 30 cities. To find the location nearest you, contact us today at 1-800-TAILORS or request an appointment online at

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