All of Jiwani's custom clothing begins with a unique pattern specially designed for each client. When you are fitted by one of our expert image consultants, not only will your lifestyle and profession be taken into consideration, but your color palette as well. Jiwani scours the planet in search of superior shirt and suit fabric from the mills of England, Italy, and beyond. We have build our reputation on our exceptional products and services. Contact us for a private session in your home or office.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Special Gift Ideas For A Style Conscious Man

Are you in need of a few thoughtful gift ideas for that special man in your life? Whether the gift is for your husband, father, brother, boyfriend, or grandfather, these items are something any style conscious man can appreciate.

Cufflinks - Cufflinks are the absolute gentlemen's accessory. They provide a subtle and classy way to add personality to a man's wardrobe. They are meant to uniquely stand out and reflect one's individuality. The more original and distinctive, the better.

Socks - A colorful pair of printed socks are another trendy way to add personality to a man's attire. Quality socks are the perfect type of small luxury item a man can appreciate, yet may not splurge on for himself. Daring socks provide another outlet for personal expression. With this gift, the men in your life will have no choice but to jump feet first into style.

Pocket Square - Pocket squares are on trend and in demand this winter! It's a small accessory that defines a man's style and gives his outfit a boost. There are no steadfast rules to wearing a pocket square, be as flamboyant or modest as you'd like with the print and fabric. There are about as many ways to fold a pocket square as there are to tie a tie, providing yet another way for a man to add his own touch to his personal style.

For additional gift giving ideas for the men in your life, contact Jiwani Custom Clothiers. They have locations in 30 cities. To find the location nearest you, contact us today at 1-800-TAILORS or request an appointment online at

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

What Are The Different Choices For Bespoke Men's Dress Shirts?

The greatest aspect of a men's custom dress shirt is the fact that it's in fact custom. The cut, the size, and the design all revolve around you. There are many details that go into creating a bespoke men's dress shirt, one of those details being the type of collar.

The collar of a men's dress shirt should create a flattering look that is centered around your physique, your personality, and the occasion for which the shirt will be worn. Below are some common types of collars to consider when creating your custom men's dress shirt:

Spread Collar - This type of collar compliments thick ties with a substantial knot. It will give the tie space so that it won't look crowded. Spread collars can also create the illusion of width on narrow face shape or in the neck.

Wide Spread or British Spread Collar - This collar is a variation of the spread collar. The points on the wide spread collar are further apart than the spread collar. This collar compliments tie knots that are heavier or bulkier.

Straight Collar - Straight collars flatter a thinner style of tie and exude sophistication without drawing too much attention to itself. This is the most frequent choice for bespoke men's dress shirts.

Tab Collar - The tab collar gently pushes the tie knot out, yielding an attractive shape and prominence. This collar also keeps the points of the collar from moving out of position.

Button-Down Collar - The button-down collar is a more casual choice and compliments a sport coat or sweater well.

There are many elements that go into a bespoke article of clothing. Fortunately, the expertise and attention to fine detail you'll receive with Jiwani Custom Clothiers will leave you radiating style and worldliness through your custom menswear. Jiwani Custom Clothiers has locations in 30 cities. To find the location nearest you, contact us today at 1-800-TAILORS or request an appointment online at to begin your custom menswear experience.

Friday, November 8, 2013

About Jiwani Custom Clothier

Established in 1991, Jiwani Custom Clothiers is a family-owned, custom clothing enterprise. We have built our business over the last twenty years by not just measuring our customers, but consulting them as well. We believe that the business professional deserves the luxury of expressing him or herself through their own personal style.

Jiwani is an international, family-owned business with 50 years of tailoring experience. Jiwani makes custom clothing from a unique pattern created for each client to ensure a perfect fit. In addition to continuing the exacting traditions of Saville Row tailoring, Jiwani's clothes have more details than any other custom clothier, an indication of the craftsmanship and attention afforded to each piece.

Whether you visit one of our locations or make a private appointment at your home or office, your shopping experience will represent the utmost in style and luxury. One of our expert image consultants will in addition to your physical measurements, careful consider your color palette, profession, lifestyle, and desired image when coordinating your look.

Jiwani searches the world in pursuit of the finest in suit and shirt fabric from the mills of Italy, England, and beyond. Our huge fabric inventory allows us to offer you the highest quality at the most competitive prices. We use wool from the super 80s to super 180s and patterns and suiting materials from manufacturers such as Zegna, Holland and Sherry, Marco Polo, Dormeuil, and Valentino.

Jiwani has built its reputation on providing unparalleled service and products that will make you wonder how you lived without our custom clothes before. We look forward to working with you and appreciate your continued patronage.

Make an appointment for a private session in your home or office.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

More Men Are Turning Toward Custom Tailored Suits Today

The Internet has revolutionized every single aspect of our lives. How we communicate, how we obtain information, how we order food... The list of things it hasn't had an effect on is shorter. One case in point is fashion. Specifically, men's fashion.

In the past ten years or so, the Internet has made the world much smaller by giving us access to each other. Fashion and style are no longer defined by region, rather they are defined by the gentleman's desire to look his best. Fine Italian design secrets and custom made clothes have made their way to the U.S. Men, by in large are more fashionably aware today then they have been in decades.

Look no further back than 50 years ago when both men and women dressed to the nines. Going to a movie was a suit and tie affair. Not to say we will all dress formally for all occasions again, but men have reclaimed a bit of old world sensibility when it comes to a tailor made suit. Maybe the success of a period piece like AMC's ‘Mad Men' have reminded us that men did once care a great deal about their style. Add to the modernity of the Internet's global galvanization of thoughts and ideas and you have today's man. Dressed as sharp as yesteryear with an added modernness for today's times.

Jiwani Custom Clothiers has locations in 30 cities. To find the location nearest you, contact us today at 1-800-TAILORS or request an appointment online at to begin your custom suit experience.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Each Piece Of A Bespoke Suit Is Custom Made, Right Down To The Pattern

Bespoke is a process made famous by Savile Row in London. Each piece of a bespoke suit is custom made, right down to the pattern. Bespoke suits are today's link to men's cutting edge style. Pop culture has made a huge influence on how men dress by way of shows like ‘Mad Men' and ‘Boardwalk Empire.' Celebrities are trading in their T-shirts and jeans for sophisticated slim European cut suits. Bespoke suits of today are not just for our fathers and grandfathers. There is a growing number of 20 to 40 year olds determined to keep up with the trends by investing in their own refined wardrobe.

One benefit of wearing a bespoke men's suit is that each piece fits perfectly according to your body type. Everything from the jacket down to the pants is customized for a flawless look. You will feel the confidence that comes from something that is made for you. One will not find this by simply buying a suit off the rack.

We all have our own individual style. You can incorporate your personal touches into a bespoke suit. From the buttons, to the lining, to your personal monogram, the detail and care that go into your suit is unmatched by a ready-to-wear garment. Bespoke suits are for a man that knows what he wants, and knows how he wants to look.

Many think of the price associated with a bespoke suit. Because Jiwani's suits are priced competitively, his clients don't have to compromise style and detail for cost. Fall is an especially great time to update your wardrobe, Jiwani is offering 25 to 40 percent off certain styles.

Jiwani Custom Clothiers has locations in 30 cities. To find the location nearest you, contact us today at 1-800-TAILORS or request an appointment online at to begin your custom suit experience.